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Lolita Carrico


5 Startup Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Business

Launching your own business can be incredibly fulfilling and lucrative, but many entrepreneurs starting out on their new ventures can make mistakes in the...

Top 10 Reasons for Starting a Home-Based Business

Starting a business of your own might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Most home-based business entrepreneurs start with...

Success After 40: 6 Tips for Becoming an Entrepreneur Later in Life

Entrepreneurs aren’t limited by age, and you can start a successful business at any stage of your life. However, becoming an entrepreneur later in...

December Content & Social Media Calendar: Prepare Your End of Year Social Media & Blog Posts

Here's a content calendar for your blogs and social media for December 2020 to help you get planning for your end of the year...

How to Write A Business Plan That Positions You for Success

If you follow me on Instagram or have ever taken one of my Ready for Launch webinars, you know I encourage entrepreneurs to just...

5 Essential Strategies to Drive the Right Traffic to Your Website

You could have the best website available for your business, with the fastest download speeds and impressive, engaging graphics, but it doesn't mean anything...

The Changing Workplace: Work from Home and What It Means For Businesses

When the coronavirus pandemic first started, I shared my tips for transitioning to a work from home situation. Now, as the pandemic continues over...

How to Create Effective Social Media Videos for Business

Social media is an integral part of any brand's digital marketing strategy and video outperforms static images on social media significantly. Social media videos...

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