Sunday, January 17, 2021

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Essential Video Conferencing Tools

Earlier this year, only big businesses with multiple offices and remote workers were familiar with Zoom. Fast forward a few months later, and it’s one of the most widely used video conferencing tools thanks to COVID-19.

So while this video is a bit dated, I wanted to share some tips and tools you may not know to maximize using Zoom for video conferencing. 

As you likely know, Zoom offers a desktop app, mobile app but also a web-based interface to launch conference calls, whether with or without video. Launching calls with or without video is simple from any of the interfaces and you can manage participants, chat with individuals or record your conversations either to the cloud or to your desktop. You can schedule a one time or recurring meetings and launch calls on the fly by sharing your custom ID. The web-based interface offers the same tools as the desktop and mobile app, allowing you to schedule meetings start a meeting on the fly and access recordings that you’ve stored in the cloud.

You can also download integrations for popular email and calendar clients to schedule meetings directly from those interfaces zooms free plan offers up to 40 minutes of conference calling at no cost.


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