Saturday, January 16, 2021

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The Changing Workplace: Work from Home and What It Means For Businesses

When the coronavirus pandemic first started, I shared my tips for transitioning to a work from home situation. Now, as the pandemic continues over...

How to Create Effective Social Media Videos for Business

Social media is an integral part of any brand's digital marketing strategy and video outperforms static images on social media significantly. Social media videos...

Mailchimp Tips: Did You Know You Can Do This with Mailchimp?

One of the more popular email marketing tools, Mailchimp has come a long way since it launched as a robust, yet easy to use...

How to Start Getting PR and Media Coverage Today

Media coverage – being featured on TV, radio and podcasts or in magazines and online media – is an important part of any brand...

Maximizing Your LinkedIn Presence: LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Today, I’m sharing LinkedIn Marketing Tips -- three things you can do right now on LinkedIn to grow your business. More than 30 million...

Importance of Time Tracking

As entrepreneurs, we can tend to work all hours of the day - however while sometimes it's necessary to put in extra hours, time...

How to Setup A Landing Page

One of the first steps I help new businesses with is how to setup and landing page immediately to start generating leads -- even...

Canva for All Your Marketing Materials

Visuals and graphics are essential for most marketing and sales needs - and historically creating graphics for campaigns has been a time consuming and...

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