How to Create Effective Social Media Videos for Business

Social media videos for business

Social media is an integral part of any brand’s digital marketing strategy and video outperforms static images on social media significantly. Social media videos for business is the best performing content type for social media and online marketing – it drives more engagement and conversions, with research indicating that video can increase conversion rates by more than 20%! Whereas creating videos was once time consuming and difficult, a number of tools have emerged to make creating high quality sharable video content simple.

Social media videos for businessStarting at $5 a month, Animoto offers a powerful platform to create social media videos for business use. They’ve got dozens of templates to choose from or you can start with a blank slate. Once you’ve selected your base template, you can move to production to customize your video. Once you’ve got your base template loaded, you can add and remove frames and make edits to individual frames. You can upload images from your own library or search Animoto’s royalty free stock collection and make individual edits to each frame as far as the text, add voiceovers, add music clips, change the positioning and size of text, and much more.Once you’re happy with your video, you can They offer a variety of resolutions, and quick links to share to social media. Animoto also has a mobile app that allows you to create a limited number of videos and share existing videos from your library to social media.


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