Getting Your Business Logo Designed on a Budget

Business Logo Design

A business logo is an important first step when starting any new venture. It’s your brand identity, and the first impression most people will have of your company. Getting a business logo design created can be costly and stressful to decide the right brand identity for your small business.

While there are free logo generators and tools online, I typically avoid using these services as they aren’t customized to your brands – they are simply tools that generate logos from some basic elements — so the likelihood that you will have a logo very similar – if not identical – to another company is quite high. 

However with a small investment, I’m sharing one of my favorite and affordable tools to source multiple logos quickly that you can be guaranteed will be designed for your company and incorporates your feedback. offers a great platform where you can host a contest for multiple designers bid to create your brand identity. Starting contest is simple and for $299 you’ll end up with 30 business logo designs to choose from.

First, you’ll give the designers an idea of what kind of aesthetic you’re looking for from some preset logos and give them other guidance as far as your preferences. You’ll also be able to give them a color palette that you either choose from pre designed palettes or specific colors. You know, you want to finish it up by adding as much detail as possible as to what you like what you’re looking for in your industry. And within seven days you’ll have a logo ready to go



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